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PADI Specialities

PADI Specialities

Porthkerris offer a full range of PADI specialties if the one you are interested in is not listed below contact us for details.

Dry Suit Diver

Have you just bought or are thinking of buying a drysuit and want to learn how to use it safely, let us show you how. This will enhance your confidence and comfort on a dive, thereby increasing the time you are able to comfortably spend underwater.
This course consists of two dives concentrating on the finer points of dry suit diving and buoyancy control using dry suits whilst underwater.
Entry requirements: 15 years of age, PADI Open Water diver.

Cost: £225

Enriched Air Diver (NITROX)

Having a great time down there, but your table time has just run out, frustrating isn’t it. This course will teach you how to use Nitrox up to 40%.
It includes planning your dives, analysing your Nitrox, safety procedures for using and handling Nitrox. Learn how to safely extend your bottom time using Nitrox.
Entry requirements: PADI Advanced Open Water diver

Cost: £120

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Once you have mastered perfect buoyancy you have mastered scuba diving. There is nothing like that feeling of weightlessness. Why not let us help you towards this goal with a Peak Performance Buoyancy Course.
The course covers guidance on correct weighting techniques and fine tuning your buoyancy and streamlining your position underwater. The course consists of 2 supervised dives over one day.
Entry requirements: 15 years of age, PADI Open Water diver.

Cost: £200

Boat Diver

Thinking of diving from a boat, but not sure which end is which? Not sure how to get off or back in again? A boat diver course will enhance your confidence and get you familiar with safe boat diving techniques.  With the Manacles reef just 1 mile away, this would offer you far more variety of diving. This course consists of two boat dives from our hard boats and will introduce you to boat protocol along with entry and exit techniques.
Entry requirements: PADI Advanced Open Water diver

Cost: £300 (includes 2 boat dives)

Wreck Diver

With the Manacles Reef only 1 mile away claiming the life of many a ship, also with this area being a main shipping channel in the 2 world wars, there is an abundance of rusting hulks just waiting to be explored.
This area has some of the best known wrecks in the South West waters. Instead of just diving on a lump of rusting metal, come and learn about how to find the history of a wreck.
The course consists of four dives over two days, including the costs of the boat and will show you how to recognise the different parts of the wreck and map it, how to dive and navigate the wreck safely, special wreck diving techniques and how to use a guideline and reel.
Entry requirements: PADI Advanced Open Water diver

Cost: £400

Duration: Two days

Deep Diver

Want to see what is down there a little bit deeper? Why not do it safely with an instructor? The best bit of the reef wall always seems to be just that little bit too deep for your level of training and experience.
This course consists of how to plan and organise your deep dives safely, decompression table review and special equipment for deep diving. It is four dives over two days and boats are included in the cost. On completion of the course you will be able to expand your depth limitation from 30m to 40m, safely.
Entry requirements: PADI Advanced Open Water diver

Cost: £400

Duration: Two days

Other PADI Speciality courses available at Porthkerris:

Underwater Naturalist – £200

Drift Diver - £300

Underwater Navigator – £250

Search and Recovery – £300

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