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Discover Local Diving & Escorts

Discover Local Diving & Escorts

Discover SCUBA diving in Cornwall

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving programme introduces you to SCUBA diving in a highly supervised and relaxed manner. It dispels common misconceptions about scuba diving by letting you try it for yourself.

Under the guidance of an experienced Instructor, you will learn basic safety concepts, put on equipment and swim around underwater in a closely supervised environment.

At Porthkerris you will carry out the theory side of the course in our on-site classroom and dive in our protected shore dive area. All equipment required is included.

A Discover Scuba Diving experience will give you a positive introduction to SCUBA diving, after this we’re sure you’ll be hooked!

Providing certain requirements are met you can earn credit towards the PADI Open Water qualification.


£50 per person for a pool dive.
£75 per person for a sea dive.
£95 per person for a pool and sea dive.

(All prices include full tuition and kit hire)

Special Offer: If you go on to complete the full PADI Open Water Course with us we will deduct the cost of the Discover Scuba Diving experience from the Open Water course cost.

Discover Local Diving in Cornwall

Discover Local Diving is also better known as an escorted dive. It is a supervised underwater tour designed to orient divers to unfamiliar aquatic conditions and environments.

It is also used to reintroduce divers to the open water environment after a period of diving inactivity, if you are unfamiliar with the area, or maybe have recently qualified and want to gain more experience under the supervision of a dive professional.

If you have learnt to dive aboard in clear water, diving in the UK can be a bit different. The water is cooler, visibility maybe not so good, and with tides to think about. We would also suggest that in these circumstances an escorted dive is a good idea.

The guidance provided by our experienced Instructors and Divemasters will allow you to comfortably explore our different underwater environment, find items of interest and avoid potential hazards.

The Discover Local Diving experience consists of a site orientation, dive briefing and guided tour by one of our Instructors or Divemasters. The dive can take place around Drawna Rock, our shore dive area, or from the boat on one of the local wrecks or reefs.

Cost: £40 per person per dive, or £60 for 2 dives Kit Hire (if required): Half price!

For more information or to book, call 01326 280620 or email info@porthkerris.com

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