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Learn to Freedive

Learn to Freedive

Aquacity Freediving, based at Porthkerris run freediving courses from beginner all the way to competitive freediving. SSI, PADI and AIDA courses are available with highly qualified instructors Georgina Miller and Daan Verhoeven. For more information on Aquacity Freediving and the courses they run please visit their website here.

What is Freediving?

Freediving or apnea, is the sport of breath hold diving where a diver descends on a single breath of air. People have freedived for millennia, for food, for exploration and more recently for sport. Many divers or swimmers will have practiced freediving at some point, every time you hold your breath and swim underwater you are freediving! It is suitable for any one over 16 years old who can swim and is of sound health.

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