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Basking Sharks

Basking Sharks arrive off the Cornish Coast between late April through to August. We can arrange boat trips to see or snorkel with these incredible animals, but this is subject to pre-booking. Call us to talk or e-mail us your interests so we can keep you posted on the Basking Shark activity. Also if you would like to be added to our Basking Shark Mailing List then please email us at info@porthkerris.com for a request. We send an email to everyone when we have regular sightings!

Basking sharks can often be found in the same area as good dive sites (like the Manacles), and an increasing number of divers have seen these gentle giants at close quarters underwater.

Basking sharks are, of course, plankton feeders, and as such do not have teeth, which erases one obvious reason to avoid them! However, their sheer size (up to 10m in length, and up to 7 tonnes in weight) should make anyone aware that they posses incredible physical power.




Information on the latest sightings:

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Want to know more about Basking Sharks:

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