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You know, that moon June spoon stuff


June 16th, 2013

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Overall, thescent is warmer and more interesting than its raft of white flowers might lead one to believe, probably because of its incense rather than the more usual vanilla, amber, or sandalwood. I sure was one terrific smelling teen. No.

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My nearby Ulta also had Stash for sale last weekend, but no testers. Week, maybe, said the manager, after being flagged down by the SA, whose attention it took me quite a while to obtain, as she was busy following a young Black woman around the store. That last visit, combined with the fact that while they have a reasonable selection of perfume, and testers for nearly everything, they have no samples or blotters, and their coupons can never be used for anything I want to buy, has pretty much discouraged me from going back.

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