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– With a capacity of 120ml you can use


January 28th, 2018

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Must remember that the most subtle, most powerful, most refined energy that is produced and marvelously conduced through the human organism is the sexual energy.By very deeply analyzing the astounding power of the sexual energy, we arrive at the conclusion that it is extraordinarily volatile and very difficult to store and control.The sexual energy is like a deposit of dynamite; its presence signifies a formidable source of tremendous potentiality, and also a constant danger of a catastrophic explosion. Samael Aun Weor:position in which Jesus lay down to go into the Astral was like that of Chac Mool, but with the head very low and without pillows, the soles of the feet upon the bed, the legs bent and the knees raised. In this way, the Great Hierophant would fall asleep playing on his marvelous lyre, the dorsal spine.

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