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When used for online redo logs or control files


January 19th, 2018

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We are releasing LOAN for employees, retirees and pensioners of PREFEITURA RJ, INSS, State of Rio de Janeiro and PREV BANERJ. * We are releasing LOAN for employees, retirees and pensioners of PREFEITURA RJ, INSS, replica hermes State of Rio de Janeiro and PREV BANERJ
* CITY COUNCIL UP TO 75 YEARS we pay the same day
* STATE 18 to 79 years we pay the same day
* INSS until 79 YEARS (We do not LOAS) 3 business days to pay
* PENSIONIST ARMY until 74 years we pay the same day
* SIAPE (Federal) until 79 YEARS 3 working days to pay
Margin, card and refin for INSS and SIAPE
* Aeronautics and Army, retired, pensioners and in active until 75 years
▶ Discounted in

▶ No consultation with SPC & SERASA
We work with ALL banks
Everything right in the bank branch, with contract and signed. (Regular Payroll)
For more information call or send a WhatsApp to
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We work with responsibility and respect for others
KGI CRED thanks for preference and confidence ❤.

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