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When I was about to place Nude on my air freshener/perfume


January 28th, 2018

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Big Island Tour
$ 160 – Jacarepagua,
*************** Big Island Tour ************

Are you going to stay out? Check in the agenda and reserve your place!

Taquara (Merck) Departure at 06:00 am * Madureira (BRT market) 06: 30hs

✓ Touristic and outbound touristic transportation ✓ Schooner with two floors,

✓ Tour through beautiful islands gives Bahia island large

-We will do 4 diving stops:

✓Café da a board on the schooner:
✓ Bread, cheese and ham, Hot dogs,
✓ Lunch
✓ barbecue and garnishes (rice, farofa, salpicão, sauce with the campaign)

✓ Photographer Included in the package (professional and aquatic camera)



* Cash payment R $ 160,00 per person (deposit | transfer)

* Payment in card R $ 180,00 3xs / interest

* Double promotion: R $ 300,
* Children 0 to 5 years old: NO
* Children from 6 to 12 years old: R $ 100.00
* Before making the deposit, check with the seller for the amount of RESERVE ONLY WITH THE SIGN OF R $ 50,00 REAL BY
** Important to know:
If there is a cancellation, inform ten days before the tour for the return of the value
Contact for reservations:

** Information : (21) 964868379 Anderson fields whatsapp

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