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We don’t recommend invading the personal space of your friends


November 6th, 2013

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Why are we like this?

The facts:

For a routine check

-An elected official of the republic (MP) slaps a policeman (woman). > Is this normal?
-The MP is apprehended and locked in the MACA.
Is this normal?
These are the questions that are worth bringing But as to our habit we want to slip the case on the ground At once the slap administered to the lady goes second, we speak of instrumentalization here and there yet the slap is indeed Why we have so much trouble to reason without to include the policy?
Tomorrow a third will be able to take the life to another person but it will be enough that his party is mobilized so that the business passes under It is not about PDCI, nor the RDR, nor REIT, neither LIDER nor UDPCI but he is an elected representative of the republic who, it seems, he lost his So while he assumes his acts before the competent jurisdictions but also that the procedures be I want to understand that 500 thousand fcfa more on the salary can turn the head but all of Justice for the people.

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