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We decided to stick with the 20% chance of snow for Monday


April 14th, 2013

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Option 2
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Option 4
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Option 5
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Pickled Picanha
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– Sweet Potato Puree with Herbs

Beans (Carioca) and
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Hermes Replica As you can see in the discussion today, this is a rather complex forecast. There is a lot to study and analyze today as the models come out. We will be looking at all of these features and will make our conclusions during our weathercasts on NBC Action News. We decided to stick with the 20% chance of snow for Monday. There is a chance that the probability of snow will go up, but this wouldn mean we would be expecting a major storm. There will likely be at least snow showers associated with the baroclinic zone that comes through on Monday. A baroclinic zone is just a frontal zone where the isotherms (lines of equal temperatures) are close together. Thiswould likely happen whether the streams phase together or not. If we are still in the southern branch of thejet stream as thecold blast arrives we would have a better chance of these snow showers or bands of light snow moving through. We will be analyzing for this possibility as well Hermes Replica.

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