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Volunteers complete training and are certified by the IRS


January 28th, 2018

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50 Years

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Through this meditation of a group previously guided and made explicit,

Remember that time is running out, NATO is preparing a useless war against Russia and France must urgently resume its role of mediator, participating in the balance of the world by his commitment to the values ​​that founded what it is and must remain: a landmark for
François Bleuez

—- note
Basically for those who did not understand, come with us on this link: Then at 20h15 we will all look at Hollande’s speech together and we will bombard him with mental waves all together to force him to tell the truth to the people and if possible to hand over the keys before sending a message. Thank you for Replica Designer Handbags sharing a max for us the most numerous
It will be very interesting…

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