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Victorino admission isn exactly earth shattering


December 24th, 2012

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Some of the blogosphere was awash in its own drool on Friday as it noticed that the San Francisco company has made a few additions to its site for some users that seem to take a shot at Google.One blogger noticed that Twitter had added search functionality for some of its users.The addition drew comparisons to Google and even caused some to wonder if the micro blogging site was making “baby steps” towards a battle with Google.Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, made headlines earlier this week when he called Twitter “poor man’s email.”Adding functionality and a page that analyzes twitter trends started out as a test, and may now be added to the rest of the site. Clicking on trends brings up a twitter search page. The searching function also allows people who have looked up the same things to connect with each other.”Don’t get me wrong, Google is still the King of meta data.

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