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Toscano is a perfect scent for cool weather and it appealed to


May 5th, 2013

No comments The Save thePleasant Hill Dome (SPHD)groupis not backing down. Also states of the Dome is part of the SyWest Development Crossroads Shopping Center Subarea II project (“Project”) approved by the Planning Commission on March 19, 2013. SPHD timely appealed the Planning Commission’s approval to the City Council on April 8, 2013.

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If my description of Toscano leads you to believe it is in ANY way a “strange” or “weird” perfume (I’m always drawn to those), I must warn you that it is not such a scent; Toscano is well blended, develops rather quickly and highlights only a few perfume notes: namely sheer tobacco and sweet vanilla. Toscano is a perfect scent for cool weather and it appealed to many people I know who usually HATE tobacco fragrances. Toscano has good lasting power and minimal sillage..

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