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Think it is clearly unconstitutional as the law stands now


January 19th, 2018

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The new location is sterile, construction zone bright, harsh lighting. All the charm of the old location is gone. Replaced by something with no character. That’s when the board realized a second account had been set up at the church’s bank; an account named “Roman’s 12.” Federal investigators say Reverend Brown was diverting the tithings of dozens of sick and shut in members directly into that account, for his own personal use.Wednesday’s indictment also includes the specific church members who sent check after check after check; some for as much as $1,500, directly to the church, only to have those funds diverted to the Romans 12 account.Once the investigation into Rev. Brown’s alleged activities was underway, church members were quick to contact other organizations that either employed or had Rev. Brown on their boards, including Metro Police.

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