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“They would never put two women on a show together


January 28th, 2018

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However, after taking a closer look at Lulu interface, the app wasn the ethical wasteland I thought it would be, nor did it succeed at being particularly helpful. After answering multiple questions about your paramour, you can select hashtags to describe the person and qualities. Some hashtags include things like CleansUpWell, OneTrackMind and MeanToMyDog. It reminds me of those notes we used to pass around in middle school that said things like you think Josh is cute? Check yes or no. I don need to know whether LooksGoodInJeans however, it would be useful to know whether he a potential rapist or might give me an STD. On the other hand, I really don need to know whether my male boss is KinkyInTheRightWays. Shudder.

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Rfs: di na nagagamit, rock nyo nalang po kesa mabulok haha

PM me for detailed pics

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