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“They feel connected,” he said


March 16th, 2013

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Running alone is also popular. It’s easy, requires no planning, just stick on your trainers and off you go. You can listen to music or just enjoy the feeling of your feet pounding the ground.

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In short, this guy’s email system was neither the first, nor did it have any influence on the Internet’s email system. The claim is pure rubbish. For once I wish I was a subscriber because I actually did a detailed investigation of the various RFCs surrounding Unix mail and demonstrated that the guy is full of crap..

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Far ahead, on the other shore of the sea of fog, one could make out the jutting, wooded hills on which the enemy army was supposed to be, and something was discernible. To the right the guards were entering the region of the fog, with a sound of tramping and wheels and an occasional gleam of bayonets; to the left, beyond the village, similar masses of cavalry approached and disappeared into the sea of fog. In front and behind moved the infantry.

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