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They also refer to the humanoids as their Nemesis


January 19th, 2018

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Subverted, as it’s revealed to be a simulation run by the natives to brainwash new recruits, and the “warlike aliens” were the ones who helped rescue a kidnapped Chakotay. They also refer to the humanoids as their Nemesis. Apocalyptic Log: John Kelly’s final logs from the Ares IV mission. Wash the bleach off, afterwards, and airdry.Recommendation is to repeat every 3 days for 12 days, then again after 30 days. See your doctor if no improvement is noted within a week. I remind people to do a patch test on the skin of the top of their foot at least 10 minutes before doing the soak, just to be sure about skin sensitivity.It is a good treatment for any acute outbreak of fungus (ie athlete’s foot).The usual cautions when working with bleach apply.The fungal invasion has to be exceptionally severe for oral antifungals to be supplied.

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