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March 3rd, 2013

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“When I came to Pioneer Theatre Company three years ago to start the New Plays Initiative, two of the first emails I wrote were to Brighde Mullins and to Dominique Serrand Steve Epp,” said Associate Artistic Director Elizabeth Williamson. “I had admired Brighde’s work for years, and when she told us she wanted to write a play about Phillis Wheatley we immediately commissioned it. I’ve worked on cheap canada goose cheap canada goose a number of shows with Dominique Serrand and Steve Epp over the years, and am thrilled to be bringing their unique theatrical vision to Pioneer Theatre Company.

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canada goose One of the primary reasons more and more women are plagued by cellulite today is an inactive lifestyle. Too little exercise, particularly when coupled with insufficient water intake and poor eating habits, decreases your body capability to eliminate waste and excess water, enabling the ligament to produce the thickened pockets of cellulite. Other bad habits that play a role in the formation of cellulite are alcohol consumption, excess caffeine, smoking, and some medications.. canada goose

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