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The plot was just right, once it got going, and the gore was


February 28th, 2013

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No motivations were fleshed out, no deep backstory setup, no interesting dialogue between the characters, literally nothing to note! It pisses me off because other shows have done this same exact thing but 100x better.:ohgod: i liked the last season, was one of my favorites (i like OP mc But this one has really lost my attention due to it being so predictable. But this was just absurd, there was literally no innovation, a crappy cliche story, horrible characters, and really was not that enjoyable to watch near the end because half the time I was asking “why the fuck is this happening, this is absurd” rather than actually being engaged in the youth bs. I came back each week to watch it because I did want to see the end, but near the end of the series, It just spiraled into a mess where I knew what was going to happen 4 episodes in advance..

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