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The fun, durable and sturdy kitchen gadget developed by Zaptop


January 19th, 2018

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The popular Brandlet store has announced that its portable and automatic Zaptop bottle opener is now available on Amazon for all those who want to open their beers and sodas with less effort, cuts or chasing of caps.The simple, cool and easy to use bottle popper used by many professional bartenders can safely remove crowns and twist off caps of any kind right away with a simple down push and keep them from bending or falling on the floor with its built in magnetic cap catcher.Its lightweight, portable design ensures it can be easily used at home while watching the game, taken to BBQs, picnics, parties or bars to avoid the embarrassment of failing to open the drinks and as a helpful utensil for anyone with arthritis or carpal tunnel who wants to be able to enjoy a drink anywhere completely stress free.The fun, durable and sturdy kitchen gadget developed by Zaptop has been released by Brandlet on Amazon in multiple cool colors to ensure each and every client can find the perfect Christmas gift for their dad, mom or male and female friends who bartend, collect caps or just love to socialize and party.The Brandlet team explains that is the speediest bottle opener on the market. It cool, fast, fun, portable and won bend the caps. It opens all standard soda or beer bottles in an instant and ensures there is no more of the cuts, embarrassments or chasing of runaway caps that we get with traditional or wall mounted openers.

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