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The automotive industry comprises nearly 50% demand of the


December 4th, 2017

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A bearing is a device to allow constrained relative motion between two or more parts, typically rotation or linear movement. Bearings may be classified broadly according to the motions they allow and according to their principle of operation as well as by the directions of applied loads they can handle. The demand for bearing industry mainly arrives from two key user segments automotive and industrial sector. The automotive industry comprises nearly 50% demand of the bearing industry. The bearing industry in India is directly proportional to the growth of the automotive industry. The Indian Bearing market size is estimated to be above Rs 5000 crore. Nearly 40% of the demand is fulfilled by imports. Bearing Industry in India can broadly be classified into two segments the organized sector and unorganized sector. The organized sector mainly furnishes to the original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) segment. This segment comprises of automotive, railways and other industrial user whereas the unorganized sector furnishes to the replacement market. It also meets the demand of very low end market. SKF Indian and FAG bearings are the two prominent players in the Indian market. hide

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