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The 2002 version was done in collaboration with Audrey family


September 21st, 2013

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• Comrades Secretaries General of Federation
• Comrades members of the General Secretariat
• Comrade President of the Control Committee and the members of the Control Committee • Comrades Presidents of the member parties of AFD
• Militant Comrades and Comrades Activists
• Honorable Guests,
• Ladies and Gentlemen
• Dear Friends of the National and International Press

We are gathered today to sacrifice to one of the few universally accepted traditions, that on the occasion of the New Year, men and women who live together, share a common cause and maintain relations of various natures, exchange vows, for on the one hand, to welcome harmonious relations and satisfactions that marked the past year, on the other hand make commitments for the year
I look forward to your massive presence and The year 2017 which ended a few days ago, was marked by important events that have certainly affected the state of the world, further blurred the political, economic and social perspectives in the world in general and in Côte d’Ivoire in Replica Hermes… The world moves, the world changes, on all continents and in all directions: consolidation in China, evolution in the West, transformation in the Middle East and transition to
The renewal of President XI Jinping for a new five-year term at the head of China and the Chinese Communist Party is the dazzling illustration of the consolidation of this country’s leadership on the chess board
Europe is torn between the principle of integration and the principle of On the other side of the Atlantic, America and the whole world are experimenting with Donald Trump an unusual style of governance and a policy of breaking withthe era
In the Middle East, the clash of civilizations seems to be concluded to the detriment of radical Islam and Salafism In Africa, political events were marked by the holding in Abidjan, the 29 and 30 November 2017, the 5th African Union-European Union summit, on the theme “investing in youth for a sustainable future”, but especially by the changes that took place at the head of four countries: The Gambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Liberia, which illustrate the contrasts of developments in the Gambia has avoided the Ivorian syndrome and solved its post-election crisis by avoiding a civil war with consequences In Kenya, justice has clearly expressed its will to say the law and to promote the rule of law, by canceling the result of the election In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, one of the country’s independence fathers, a radical anti-colonial activist, was forced to resign by the army supported by own party, at the age of 93 and after 37 years

Finally in Liberia, the former football star Ball Weah Georges was raised to the highest office in December 2017, thus achieving the first democratic transition in the country since its
In Côte d’Ivoire, the country’s overall situation continues to deteriorate by the year in
Seven years after the end of the post-election crisis of 2010-2011, thousands of Ivorian refugees continue to live the ordeal in neighboring countries, hundreds of political prisoners are still languishing in the jails of the
For how long do we have to undergo justice in this sense? The situation of political prisoners in Côte d’Ivoire is a challenge to our dignity, to our responsibility and to the unity of our country. This process of national reconciliation, which we tirelessly call all our wishes, will only be frank, sincere and lasting with the participation, therefore the libera President Laurent Gbagbo, a major player in the post-election crisis, whose leadership isundisputed in Ivory Coast and
The latest revelations of the online newspaper Médiapart have abundantly demonstrated that the arrest and deportation of President Gbagbo result of a political assembly, and that his continued detention is legally
If the strategy of lockdown adopted by Alassane Ouattara upon his accession to power has allowed him to take hostage by means of justice and to hold in captivity or in exile thousands of Ivorians who do not share his policy, this strategy has had perverse effects in 2017 with regard to the
After the mutinies in the first quarter of 2017, the armed clashes between the CCDO and the 3rd battalion of Bouaké in January 2018 show that the political power has lost all control over the institution
The impact of the mutinies of 2017 has been The public administration has not been spared by the general discontent prevailing in the country and has translated in 2016 by the riots related to the increase in electricity bills and the high cost of living – The withdrawal of the antisocial provisions of the ordinance n ° 2012-303 of April 04, 2012 on the organization of the pension schemes managed by the General Retirement Fund of State Agents (CGRAE),
– The settlement of the stock of salary arrears of the officials due for the release and the revaluation of salaries of 2009, and an amount of 243 billion FCFA

– The integration into the civil service of the daily agents of the public health sector (boy and girl of room),
– The stop of the violations of the trade union freedoms;
During the same year, the poor economic and financial governance of the country was highlighted through the 2016 budget regulation law, the 2017 and 2018 budgets: poor performance and poor quality of public accounts, scandalous situations princi budget accounts (cash advances of $ 591 billion, $ 438 billion ofdomestic debt, ” remains to pay ” creditor of 1167 billion FCFA, At least one thing in which Alassane Ouattara’s regime succeeds very well, it is the realm of misappropriation of public funds, racketeering and the

– CAFOP entry examination: one (1) million FCFA,
– BAC level competition: two (2) million FCFA,
– BTS level competition: two (2) to three (3) million FCFA

– entrance exam at the ENA: five (5) million FCFA,
– etc Fake Hermes Bags.

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