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Some of her rationale seems a bit old fashioned


May 6th, 2014

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Should You Be a Sneaky Chef

The cheap canada goose uk Sneaky ChefI recently came across a copy of Missy Canada Goose Parka Chase Lapine’s book “The Sneaky Chef: How to Cheat on Your Man (In the Kitchen) Hiding Healthy Foods in Hearty canada goose Meals Any Guy canada goose uk outlet Will Love” and decided to Canada Goose online check it out. I had heard of Lapine’s earlier Sneaky Chef cookbooks, which she designed to give parents ways to sneak vegetables and other healthy ingredients into foods their children would eat.

Instead of being aimed at children canadian goose jacket who are picky eaters, this book is written for people who have spouses that are picky eaters particularly canada goose store men who don’t like to eat a lot of vegetables.

My Canada Goose sale kids are getting to that age that they eat most of what we like to eat, so I figured if the recipes appealed to my husband, they uk canada goose outlet would likely canada goose clearance appeal to the rest of us as well. Since we’re all trying to eat healthier these days, I decided this could be a good tool to have in my kitchen.

I’m all for encouraging kids canada goose clearance sale and adults alike to eat a variety of foods, and I definitely don’t think that vegetables should be something that we have to “hide” to get our families to eat healthily. However, I also know that in reality everyone has certain foods that they may not like to eat, and often these are foods that are good for canada goose coats on sale their health.

The cookbook Canada Goose Online is divided into six chapters. The first four chapters discuss the benefits and challenges of eating a healthy diet, and provides tips and strategies for adding healthy foods to your cooking. It covers the nutritional and health benefits of superfoods and Canada Goose Coats On Sale provides lists on which foods to try to limit Canada Goose Outlet or eliminate and suggestions for foods that cheap Canada Goose you can subsititute to improve your health. Lapine also spends uk canada goose considerable time in exploring the male psyche around food, and buy canada goose jacket cheap justifying why this book is specifically written for women, instead of both men and women. Some of her rationale seems a bit old fashioned, but that canada goose uk shop doesn’t really take away from the validness of the suggested strategies and recipes.

Chapter 5 provides recipes for the make ahead vegetable and fruit buy canada goose jacket purees and juices that canada goose coats are the secret ingredients for most of the recipes that follow in Chapter 6.

The recipe chapter, by far the biggest section of the book, is divided into the following sections:Lunch Pail RecipesAppetizers and Side Dishes

Sauces and Salad DressingsOn the GrillA Sneaky Meal

Not the greatest picture, but this sneaky meal was eaten up by my unsuspecting family. The hidden healthy ingredients included carrot puree in the barbecue sauce and a white bean puree in the mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Source

Sneaky Chef PureesMost of the recipes in this cookbook, and indeed in all of the Sneaky Chef cookbooks, involve the use of vegetable purees added to the recipe. These purees can be made ahead of time in big batches, and stored in the fridge for a few days, or canada goose factory sale in the freezer for up to three months. If you’re going to try some of these recipes, I would suggest picking a few that use canada goose black friday sale the Canada Goose Jackets same kind of puree and making up cheap canada goose a batch of the puree ahead of time.

The purees are quite easy to make, and the recipes themselves are generally straightforward and easy. Some of the combinations suggested seem quite strange (and often a bit unappealing) but Missy does a good job of disguising the taste, texture and look of the foods so that in most cases you cannot even guess at the secret healthy ingredients.

Need More Ideas?If you’re looking for more ideas to get your canada goose uk black friday finicky eater to eat better, be sure to read my articles on Healthy Snacks for Kids and 10 Ways To Get Your Picky Eater to Eat More Vegetables.

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