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Some good samples can be read in selected fashion magazines


March 3rd, 2013

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ending the tyranny of round photos

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Mr. Executive Secretary, Head of the Secretariat Executive of the PDCI-RDA,
Distinguished Vice-Presidents of the Party,
Distinguished Members of the Executive Secretariat,
Honorable Members of the Political Bureau of the PDCI-RDA,
Venerable Members of the Committee of Wise Men of PDCI-RDA
Responsible for Youth Structures and Women of the Party,
Militants and Activists of PDCI-RDA,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is with joy that my wife and I receive the wishes that you like, at the beginning of the year, from us We are particularly sensitive to the chosen words that your spokesperson has kindly addressed to us We thank you for everything I already had opportunity to send my wishes not only to party activists but also to the nation all I renewed these wishes on the occasion of the meeting that has just been held in Daoukro, with the Departmental Delegates and I said that the year 2018 began under good I have already given directions in this direction, relative to our Behavior as a family So again, and on this occasion, I wish to renew the fervent wishes of good health, happiness and prosperity that I form for your families and for each and every one of Long life to the Excellent Year at
Henri Konan Bédié
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Hermes Replica Bebe Rexha slayed her hosting duties while bringing the live debut of her new single I Got U to the EMAs stage, featuring an adorable faux fur creature whose eyes followed her every movement. Earlier in the show, she teamed up with friend and the world no. 1 DJ Martin Garrix for a stirring duet of In The Name of Love with a full string orchestra. Hermes Replica

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