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So remember by buying eco friendly products you make a bigger


January 28th, 2018

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But a new study released Thursday by the investment research firm MSCI, reported earlier in the Wall Street Journal, raises questions thatcould seem like sacrilege in the CEO pay world. It found that 61 percent of the large public companies it studied had 10 yearshareholder returns that were,to use the name of the report, “out of whack” with the pay CEOs took home over the same period.From 2006 through 2015,23 of the 423 companiesin the study had underpaid CEOs who deliveredhigh performance, the report says, while 18 companiesoverpaid their CEOs for below average returns. “Over the short term they may be well aligned, but over the long term it’s so evenly distributed that it’s almost a random sampling,” he said, pointing to a chart in the report that shows a scattershot relationship between total shareholder return and cumulativetake home pay over a 10 year period.

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