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Smith describes the crisis will continue


October 16th, 2013

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Place of birth………… Odienné


1978-1980: Officer Training (Bouaké / Ivory Coast)

1980-1981 Application Infantry (Montpellier / France)

1981 Instructor Certificate commando (Mont-Louis / France)

1985 Cours captains infantry (Montpellier / France)

1988 National patent first aid (Yamoussoukro / Ivory Coast)

1989 General Staff (Bouaké / Côte d’Ivoire)

1995-1996 Higher School of War (Paris / France)

1999 Internship Civil-Military Operations in Peacekeeping (Center) Pearson / Canada)

2002 New Peacekeeping Partnership Course (Pearson Center / Canada)

2002 United Nations Peacekeeping Training Module Seminar (Kenya)

2002 UNTAT internship on May peacekeeping, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (Zambakro / Côte d’Ivoire Peacekeeping School)

2006 Institute of Advanced Studies and Defense (Paris / France)

1981-1982 Brigade Commander of the NCOs of Active (Ecole des Forces armées / Bouaké)
1982-1984 Commander de brigade of student officers of Active (Ecole des Armées / Bouaké)

1984-1987 Commander of the division of military training (Ecole militaire préparatoire technique / Bingerville)
1987-1992 Commander de company to the Republican Guard (Yamoussoukro)

1992-1993 Commander of the group of the Republican Guard (Yamoussoukro)

1993-1995 Assistant of the chief of the personnel office of the General Staff (Abidjan)

> 1996-1998 Commander Officer Training Division (School of the Armed Forces / Bouaké)
1998-1999 Deputy Chief of the Military Cabinet at the Ministry of Defense (Abidjan)

2000- 2002 Commander of the Military Training School (Bingerville)

2002-2004 Commander of the School of Peacekeeping (Zambakro)
2004-2011 Commander of the School of the Armed Forces (Abidjan) then Zambakro)

2011-2013 Commander Land Forces March 2013-January 2017: Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations

Since 2014 President Military Provident Fund (Fpm) Board of Directors

January 2017 Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces


1980 sou s-Lieutenant

1981 Lieutenant

1985 Captain

1992 Commander 1999 Lieutenant Colonel
2005 Colonel > 2008 Colonel-Major

2010 Brigadier General

2016 General Division


1-Commandeur de l’ national order

2-Officer of the National Order

3-Knight of the National Order

4-Medal of the Armed Forces

5- Knight of the Order of Maritime Merit

6-Knight of the Order of Sports Merit

7- Medal of French Defense of France

8- Commemorative Medal of the Sea Miceci (Cedeao)








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