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Skewed Priorities: When offered a chance to make by “doing”


November 4th, 2012

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wholesale replica bags Quest for Sex: This ends up being Beavis and Butt Head’s major goal. Thankfully, their success rate is pretty much the same as always in this regard. Reality Ensues: The dim pair walk into the friggin’ Mojave Desert. Without a drop of water or any kind of map or compass. Sure enough, they start to succumb to heatstroke. Beavis starts to hallucinate, by way of a White Zombie video. Episodes of hallucination are a distinct symptom of heatstroke and heat exhaustion. Riding into the Sunset: The final scene. The Roadie: Their fathers were once roadies for Mtley Cre. Running Gag: Agent Fleming’s obsession with giving everyone cavity searches leads up to an inevitable punchline when Butt Head says “Did I just score?” after receiving one himself. Four televisions are destroyed in the boys’ quest to replace the one that was stolen. Including the one that was stolen. Though they are reunited with it in the end. Aww. Scarily Competent Tracker: Muddy does what the ATF cannot and manages to track down the boys after they’ve passed out in the middle of the desert. Skewed Priorities: When offered a chance to make by “doing” Muddy’s wife (or so they think), Beavis would still rather watch TV until Muddy shoots out the screen. Shoot the Television: See above. Shown Their Work: In 2006, Mike Judge revealed on the DVD commentary (from “The Edition That Doesn’t Suck”) an interesting tidbit about the opening fantasy sequence. The sound of Giant Butt Head reaching through a glass building and grabbing a girl was supposed to be a representation of the crooks breaking into their house in the real world, and stealing their TV, sort of how dreams can be guided by the sound effects happening around you. Tempting Fate: An unwitting example. After exposition on the X 5 bio weapon as its flawed casing, which could break open and release the virus if hit hard enough Fleming concludes his marching orders to his men with “Let’s just pray that nothing hits that unit.” Cut to a tour bus, where Butt Head is repeatedly kicking Beavis in the seat of his pants where Dallas hid the X 5 Unit. The Vamp: Dallas uses her good looks and the boys’ obvious lust to smuggle her stolen bioweapon across the country. Those Two Bad Guys: The two burglars who steal the boys’ TV and are later revealed to be the hitmen that Muddy originally hired to “do” his wife. Too Dumb to Live: The boys are barely even aware of the danger they are in for most of the movie. Even when Muddy sticks a shotgun barrel in their faces and promises to blow them both to hell, they are completely unfazed. Best replica handbags Butt head: (while dozens of federal agents point their guns at him at once) This is the most kickass thing I have ever seen wholesale replica bags.

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