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Recently, the United State’s energy department announced an


November 20th, 2013

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The New Economic Order iInternational simply fits, alongside all the other rights of peoples, the right to independence, to the free choice of forms and structures of government, like the right to the
I keep in me the unshakable confidence, confidence shared with the huge community of non-aligned countries, that under the blows of the screaming distress of our peoples, our group will maintain its cohesion, strengthen its collective bargaining power, find allies among the nations and begin, in concert with those who can still be heard, the organization of a system of international economic relations truly

If I have accepted to present myself before this illustrious assembly to take the word is because, despite the criticism addressed to it by some major contributors, the United Nations remains the ideal platform for our demands. The legitimacy of countries without
This is what our Secretary-General rightly says when he writes: “The United Nations is unique in that it reflects the aspirations and frustrations of many countries. And governments of the world
We can not better define the meaning and scope of the

So for each of us, it is a categorical imperative to consolidate the foundations of our Organization, to give it the means to

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