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August 17th, 2013

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Before the album released, “Don’t”, T R A P S O U L’s single exceeded 25 million streams on SoundCloud according to The Rolling Stones. On the album, the blend between delivering Instagram caption worthy bars and singing contemporary R lyrics further solidifies the Louisville, Kentucky native’s talents. However, trap soul can be considered more than just an album title.

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It’s 9 pm Dear brothers and sisters SENOUFO, you are in the spotlight: brave people of farmers known for the wealth of its heritage, its dances, its masks and its woods All ODCI is at the RDV to know your NAMES, their origins and Your servant Angelo Kata, to ensure moderation during exchanges on behalf of the entire team of ‘A CHEZ US PAYS’.
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Peck Peckisblackman Christiane Guei Amy Diabyd Geney De Konan Wazi Guipie – Mr Thierry Coffie
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