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Our source, Carol, did just that


January 28th, 2018

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Leaving aside whether or not that’s the right way to address homelessness, somebody has to do the work of cleaning those places up. Our source, Carol, did just that. She told us how.. Bodhi est un shiba inu qui prend la mode trs au srieux. Tout a commenc il y a environ 3 ans, quand sa propritaire l’a revtu d’un chandail pour le plaisir. Surprise! Au lieu d’tre ennuy, il s’est mis poser comme un mannequin.

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cheap goyard In Williams case, the former district attorney teared up Thursday as he cited his daughters in his bid to remain free until his sentencing date. His lawyer argued that the former district attorney dismal finances meant he couldn flee even if he wanted to. And federal probation officers recommended that Williams be allowed to stay out on bail.. In an emailed statement, Oakland Police said, arrival, Oakland Police officers learned that an on duty BART PD officer, dressed in full police uniform, discharged their service firearm and two adult males were transported to a local hospital for medical attention. Said one of the suspects had a weapon and a firearm was recovered from the scene.The scene is in the vicinity of Seventh and Chester streets, just north of the station.No officers were injured and there are no outstanding suspects at this time, police said.While police said a BART officer discharged his or her weapon, it was not clear whether the suspects were injured by the officer or by someone else.A BART spokesperson said the shooting did not disrupt service. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. cheap goyard

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