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Other memorable film credits include Canada Goose Outlet her


February 14th, 2014

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Isa Quensel

Swedish actress and opera singer was born in Gothenburg on canada goose coats the 21st of September 1905, as daughter of Robert Ferdinand Schulz cheap canada goose uk and the British born Anna ‘Annie’ Mathilda Philip. Young Anna Lisa (Isa) attended the New Elementary School for girls in Gothenburg 1913 24 and already in early age showed her talent as fine singer in school.

Quensel possessed a canadian goose jacket magnificent soprano voice and was for many years one of Sweden’s leading opera singers long before buy canada goose jacket cheap she became a highly acclaimed character actress on stage and in films. She performed at the Royal Opera in Sweden (1939 56) canada goose as well as on opera stages around the world. She was trained in the art of music by the great Bernardi in Paris 1926 28. Among her opera credits includes classic parts such as the title role of Carmen in Bizet’s famous opera “Carmen”, Despina in Mozart’s “Cosi fan tutte”, Rosina in Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville” and Susanna in “The Marriage of Figaro”.

She is considered as one of Sweden’s very best national singers of the 20th Century, working alongside legendary Swedish opera names such as Jussi Bjrling, Ingvar Wixell, Gsta Winbergh, Nicolai Gedda, Kerstin Meyer, Kjerstin Dellert, Elisabeth Sderstrm and Birgit Nilsson. From 1955 was also an appreciated tutor at Kungliga Musikhgskolan (The Royal Academy of Music) in Stockholm, training new young Canada Goose Parka talents in to canada goose uk black friday the world of opera, and she was also from 1970 until her death director at the Royal Opera, where she staged several new versions of many of the old classic operettas (this time with new modern text translations and revisions by herself).

Still, it is for her acting work that she is listed here at the IMDb: After the opera career (in the 50s), turned to the theatre Canada Goose sale and the performing arts of the dramatic stage. Even during the hectic years at the Royal Opera, she had managed to keep up a sporadic career as an actress parallel to her singing. In fact, she already made her film debut in K m vi ha canada goose black friday sale (1931), and later rendered popularity with her humorous character of Maria in _Raggen det r jag det (1937)_. But it wasn’t until in the 1950s that her acting work escalated and she became one of Sweden’s finest character actresses with diverse supporting roles in many memorable films. had excellent dramatic skills and could easily swift between playing light comedy to very serious, psychological drama. She had, in fact, been tutored Canada Goose Jackets in the performing arts by legendary Swedish canada goose uk cheap Canada Goose Parkas outlet actress canada goose uk shop and singer Naima Wifstrand (who can be spotted in many Ingmar Bergman films).

Among ‘s canada goose store most appreciated and loved film is her portrayal of mrs Louise Gnther in the very successful (and internationally successful) Swedish film _nglar finns dom? (1961)_ (aka Love Mates). Other memorable film credits include Canada Goose Outlet her mysterious mother in law in the sophisticated thriller _Moln over Hellesta (1956)_, Cecilia von Schilden in Arne Mattsson’s cult thriller Damen i svart (1958) (aka The Lady in Black), the fortuneteller Grave Karna in Yngsj (1966), Gertrude in _Prlemor (1961)_, _Att lska (1964)_, _Kattorna (1965)_ and _Brllopsbesvr (1964)_. For some reason she came to specialize in playing these odd, dark and rather mysterious women on film. Her distinctive and utter buy canada goose jacket voice at the same time deep, tonal and slightly hoarse canada goose clearance also contributed to make her characters memorable to viewers and also gave a further dimension to the characters she played. Even though her film Canada Goose Coats On Sale parts canada goose coats on sale at times could be very small, she had this magnificently silent and yet energetic way of acting, and combined with that voice of hers it created a lasting tension in the air.

She was for years canada goose factory sale also a regular member of Swedish Television’s Theatre ensemble (TV teatern) where she appeared uk canada goose frequently in various plays between 1959 67. Memorable are her roles as Pernelle in Molire’s “Tartuffe”, Grace Winslow in Terence Rattigan’s “The Winslow Boy”, title role in Nol Coward’s “The Marchioness”, friherinnan in “Drottningens juvelsmycke”, Mrs Parpelaid in Jules Romains’ “Doktor Knock” and Canada Goose Online Mrs vik in Birger Sjberg’s “Kvartetten som sprngdes” (The Quartet That Broke Up).

Her voice also led her to explore many other areas in the entertainment business. She magnificently gave voice to Madame Mim in the Swedish dubbing of the Disney classic _Sword of the Stone, The (1963)_, the voice of Aunt Tilda in the Scandinavian children’s cartoon Agaton Sax och Byk g (1976) as well as uk canada goose outlet the additional voice dubbing credit for German actress Carsta Lck in Emil i L (1971); the extremely canada goose clearance sale beloved film/tv adaption of Astrid Lindgren s children books about young Emil, in which the Swedish audience most people without ever knowing it over the years of TV re runs cheap Canada Goose have grown familiar to her Canada Goose online distinct voice of “Krsa Maja”.

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