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One was eating at a restaurant for free


February 18th, 2013

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Thisinitiateda frantic, days long cross country searchfor the ninth graderand his grandmother. It began with concern for both of their lives, butthentook some of the darkest turns imaginable.We need everyone everywhere looking for these 2 people. Believed to be endangered. Call 911 if you have seen these people or vehicle today.Logan Mott 15 years oldKristina French 53 years oldMay be in a silver Dodge Dart, 4 doors, Florida tag DLLT42.She described French who had become a grandmother to Logan in her late 30s and was now 53 as one of the kindest, most caring people she had ever known. (French’s employer, a school for autistic and disabled children, wouldlater say much the same thing.)Her son,Campbell Mott wrote,was good and kind to his family. He had not made a sound when he was born and remained introspectivethrough life “always looking at the world, analyzing it.”Logan was alsobrave beyond his years about his diabetes, the mother wrote, which now concerned her gravely.”If you have taken them we are begging you to return Logan and Kristina,” she begged in her post. “Please. Without insulin he WILL die.”[ A teen reunited with her birth mother who then killed her and burned her body, police say ]”We are begging. Bythe following night, a police cruiser stood guard in a light rainoutside French’s house, to which she had not returned, and from which guns had also been taken,First Coast News Reported.A few miles away in Neptune Beach, policewere stillcombing through the ransacked house where Logan had lived with his father.A reporter saw investigators with buckets and sifters in the yard Thursday evening; the publicwould find out the next day whatthey were for.Rumors began tocirculate that something terrible had happened inside theMott house some time between last Friday, when Logan was last seen at school, and Wednesday when his father returned. Friday, high ranking police and members of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office gathered at Neptune City Hall to reveal what they knew.Logan Mott was not in need of insulin, sheriff’s office Director Ron Lendvay told reporters. The boywas believed to have taken a week’s supply of medicine, and also stolen his grandmother’s car and driven hundreds of miles north to Pennsylvania, where a surveillance camera had spotted him the previous day.Meanwhile, investigators had found a makeshift grave in the backyard, and by daylight uncovered what they believed to beFrench’s body.So Logan as still being sought. “We need to talk to him about what may have taken place in the house,” Lendvay said.Just as Campbell Mottcould not have imaginedFrench hurting her son, she also could not believe that Logan would harm or intentionally killhis grandmother.

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