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One of the vehicles was hit head on by the suspect’s truck


May 2nd, 2013

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Shufu preferred prostration of thanks
thanks prostration equal to the treasures of this world and the Hereafter
Cui went..vdil piece of information thanks
prostration missing most of us do not know the virtues that the manner of
if the slave prayed then worshiped prostration Thanksgiving opening God says the veil between the man and the angels says: O my angels Look at my servant, led my order and fulfilled my covenant and then prostrate to me Thank you for what I have done to him my angels What is it?
The angels say: Lord, your mercy. Then the Lord says: him?
says the angels: O Lord paradise
says the Lord Almighty: then what? Angels says: Lord, Lord will suffice Mahmh
says the Lord Almighty: Then what?
there remains something good, but she said the angels
God says: Aamlaikta
Then what? Says the angels are not aware of our Lord, Lord
God says: as for Ohkurnh thanked me and accept him and show him Pfdila Rahmati
. What is harmful if Sajad prostration of thanks every day???
is not the prostration of prayer?!
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