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Numerous studies have shown established the fact that FitFlops


January 28th, 2018

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What does the UN and the international commission do
Holland and vall TWO Dictators in power

They stop the military ranks,
They mistreat the pensioners, the resistant ones and make them stop
arrest their employees and then condemn them to prison…
Stop the pacifists then condemn them to the prison farm
They monitor their people 24hsur 24h
Deploy their kills their children like Remi Strawberry
They kill theirs people
They beat up their young people
The French police are corrupt Tabasse gas and sometimes killed and shoot in the back
Stigmatize the foreigners and especially the Muslims that this government of filthy me. Wars
Assassin of the leaders of the Arab countries
Participated in the genocide in RWANDA
Particioe in the Palestinian genocide by supporting the isreal sionnists
Holland and vall are assassins they must pay for their crimes.

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