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Not much was actually changed between the switch from Payne to


February 2nd, 2013

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Romney’s defense of his work at Bain Capital in Friday’s news conference is not only not entirely accurate but it actually borders on the patently misleading. Romney’s comment that “the purpose of the president’s ads are not to describe success and failure” is truly telling. For Bain Capital and, in particular, its investors and principals (including Romney), whether an investment turned out to be a success rarely had anything to do with how an enterprise in which they invested succeeded or even survived once Bain’s private equity investment, plus the return thereon, had been extracted from the company’s coffers and/or supplemented by the capital and debt of new investors and lenders. economy) that would warrant leveraging the going forward value of the enterprise in a way that maximized Bain’s return on investment.

Replica Bags The announcement from President Obama reelection committee that the president would no longer discourage supporters from contributing to independent spending only political action committees (super PACs) is a reversal of his position in this election cycle and conflicts with the practice he followed with respect to independent spending in the 2008 campaign. His willingness to live with and even encourage super PACs working on his behalf and that of his party also contrasts starkly with the strong stand he has taken against Citizens United and the explosion of activities by these new campaign entities to raise super sized contributions from wealthy individuals and corporations and to flout the legal requirements of disclosure of donors and non coordination with candidates and their campaigns. Replica Bags

wholesale replica designer handbags Tropes Associated with Jason David Frank: Alliterative Name: His nickname, Fearless Frank. Catch Phrase: Many of Jason’s social media posts include the phrase “Live Fearlessly”. Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: His MMA opponents have a habit of claiming to be the one that will beat the Green Ranger. Jason’s record is still undefeated. Kung Fu Jesus: Invoked, not for himself, but for his Christian and martial arts themed clothing line, “Jesus Didn’t Tap”. Large Ham Long Runner Cast Turnover: Jason was the main reason that this happened during Power Rangers Turbo. He wanted out, so they sent everyone else but Blake Foster with him. note Rumor has it that Catherine Sutherland also wanted out, but she has since claimed that she was just surprised as everyone else. The Prankster: Just ask any of his cast mates. Real Men Love Jesus: Jason’s wife brought him along to church after the death of his brother, Eric Ray Frank. The experience really helped Jason, enabling him to develop faith which has been a source of strength for him ever since. Now he has an MMA clothing line called Jesus Didn’t Tap, and tattoos to match. Role Reprisal: On top of being the second longest returning Power Ranger in the series (the first being Johnny Yong Bosch), he also took up the mantle of Green Ranger once more against Ryu in Super Power Beat Down, as well as playing the White Ranger once again against Scorpion in the same show. Same Character, but Different: The Black Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder was originally called Dr. Edward Payne, just in case they couldn’t get Jason back. Not much was actually changed between the switch from Payne to Tommy, which caused some discrepancies. Suddenly Ethnicity: After he became Suddenly Native American on Power Rangers, and the fact that he actually Designer Replica Handbags looks it, Jason pulls off Suddenly Not Native American in real life. wholesale replica designer handbags

high quality replica handbags Player Tic: Repeatedly choosing the same dialogue options in RPGs that allow this. Pungeon Master Real Is Brown: He criticized this here. Running Gag: Him being “Almost Twelve Years Old (TM)”, along with his “Gregor Onkh” identity. Minecraft: Using a shovel to “shear”/spank sheep. Once shears were introduced, their sprite in his custom texture pack by Honeyball was changed to what he called a “groping glove” to reflect this. Chickens being evil. A certain mispronunciation of “gravel”, originating from his uncertainty on which word to use for it in German early in his Let’s Play. “Gronkh, you missed some coal!”, originating from his viewers’ annoying tendency of attempting to be helpful and telling him about ressources he purposedly ignored. Mischief with snow golems as a stinger in Minecraft prerelease specials. “Let me through, I’m a medic!” All moonlit nights in Dragon Age II caused him to ask “Where is Batman?”. Fenris not cleaning up the corpses in his home in the course of several years. In his “Adventures at the Riding Stables” LP, “Or the horse will die.” “CopyCopyCopyCopy”, referring to the numerous backup saves he made in order to horribly screw around with the scenery in the course of experiments, in a manner similar to raocow’s “That was a demo.” Sarcasm Mode: Shows up rather snidely here. Self Deprecation: He often calls his own commentary “pointless rambling” or similar. Shoot the Medic First: Applies to other sorts of casters as well in Dragon Age II. Sinister Geometry: Inverted; he loves symmetry and tries to apply it in everything he builds in Minecraft. Sir Swears a Lot: Yes. Mostly mild swearing though, but he (occasionally) tries to avoid even “Crap!” since some fans complained about it, leading to some awkward examples of Last Second Word Swap or Bowdlerization. Sophisticated as Hell: “My tender disposition doesn’t take well to this, you bummer!” high quality replica handbags.

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