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) Mitchell even took a picture of the area


December 2nd, 2012

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hermes replica bags According to Bill Barry, NASA’s chief historian, we have a pretty good idea of where the balls landed, even if our satellite imagery lacks the resolution to pick out a golf ball. Shepard’s fellow moonwalker Ed Mitchell was convinced the first ball landed in nearby Javelin Crater. (The crater is named after the solar wind collector staff that Mitchell hurled, Olympian style, just after Shepard took his golf swings.) Mitchell even took a picture of the area. The javelin is obvious enough, but the golf ball is a little tougher to spot. In interviews after his return to Earth, Shepard claimed that his second shot sailed farther, traveling nearly 200 yards before landing near a set of scientific instruments for measuring natural phenomena on the moon. The entire mass of the lunar atmosphere is about 20 tons, the equivalent of the weight of air in a modern size office building.” hermes replica bags

hermes replica handbags A day after the release of a Jutra biography that said he slept with young boys, Montreal La Presse published a bombshell interview with a man who said Jutra’s abuse of him began at age six. convictions and sentence for war crimes in Afghanistan.18 Harper Lee, the elusive Pulitzer Prize winning novelist whose “To Kill a Mockingbird” became an enduring bestseller and Oscar winning film with its child’s eye view of racial injustice in a small Southern town, died at age 89.18 A tour helicopter with a Canadian family of four on board crashed and sank into the water near the Pearl Harbor Visitors Center in Hawaii. hermes replica handbags

relica birkin hermes “Fame changed him,” Melissa claims. “His head was turned. Sex sells. He’s a sexy guy and he didn’t want his wife there. He started hanging out with celebrities. I wanted to be part of his world. We argued about it. He spent increasing amounts of time away from home and when he came home we rowed. We went through ups and downs. Did we discuss separating? Yes. But as far as I was concerned we were trying to make our marriage work.” relica birkin hermes

replica hermes birkin The suggestions for YouTube Friday have been arriving at the All Men Are Liars penthouse thick and fast and it’s a pretty interesting window into what makes you lot tick. Some of you are fired up over politics, others just want a chuckle and at least one of you likes seeing people do incredible things on pushbikes. I won’t post the various pornographic videos some of you (thanks Nick) have passed along but the IT guys at work, who’ve busted me watching them, thank you all the same. You’re all going to hate me for this, because I’m going to waste a bunch of your time today. Think of it as a YouTube salad bar; you can dip into whatever you like and give it a taste, just wash your hands first. replica hermes birkin

replica hermes bags Indeed, the shop is such a big attraction that yesterday it had to be shut due to the volume of Taiwanese tourists. Today, a Saturday, it’s full of locals and visitors happily spending away. The new maison, opening on 28 May in New Bond Street, London, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of LV in the UK, is also expected to be a hit, selling the entire range of travel goods, bags, watches, jewellery and clothes, with a library selling limited edition books and a private Very Important Clients floor. replica hermes bags

replica hermes A Several others back Teri. But Replica Hermes before we go on, check what she says happened to her Volvo before she started raising her hood: Doberman tried to tear apart my car one night. We live in the hills and while the dogs do keep the rodent population down, a car in the garage with a closed hood is a nice nesting place. I had to repaint my entire car since she had chewed off one headlight cover, chewed all around both front wheel wells and scratched around the seams of the metal. The only solution I have found to be effective is to use peppermint oil, not extract, no other type but PURE peppermint oil. Take some cotton balls and place oil on them, then put the cotton in areas of the engine, under the chassis and any nook that it will stay in. I have even placed the cotton into small Ziploc bags, left the bag open some and tied that to the area. Just don put them next to something that may get hot. Then every so often, add a fresh drop. I have done this in my RV and, knock on wood, it been six years, and I have not had any mice issues replica hermes.

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