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Mine was reverse threaded (left hand threaded)


August 29th, 2013

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How to Disassemble a Keyless Drill Chuck

It has been a great drill, but recently has canada goose store been plagued with a sticky chuck, making it hard to open and close the chuck. A few months ago I purchased a newer lithium powered version of this same drill so I figured it would be worth some exploratory surgery to see if I could get this one operating smoothly again.

These same steps/procedures may apply to other brands of drills as well, but this is uk canada goose outlet the first keyless chuck I’ve had apart. Start by fully retracting the jaws Canada Goose Coats On Sale into the chuck. Look into the bore of the chuck to see if there’s a canada goose uk black friday screw. This could canadian goose jacket be any type of screw phillips, allen, flat, star, hex, etc. Remove the screw. Mine was reverse threaded (left hand threaded), and most others will likely be reverse threaded as well. This means that to loosen the screw, you’ll turn it to the right. The normal saying “lefty loosey” is wrong when it comes to canada goose black friday sale reverse threaded hardware. This screw may possibly have a thread locker (locktite) on it mine did.

Once the screw is out, grab the largest allen wrench you have and tighten the short end into the canada goose clearance chuck. The chuck will be a “lefty loosey” to remove. Lay the drill down on it’s side with the chuck hanging over the edge of a bench as pictured. Hold the drill firmly to the bench and hit the allen wrench downward using sharp blows with a hammer. Hopefully yours comes off much easier than mine Canada Goose Online did.

If you need to replace the Canada Goose online drill chuck, you can stop here and go buy a new chuck. The common threads on the drill are either 1/2 20 for 1/2″ capacity chucks or 3/8 24 for 1/4″ capacity Canada Goose sale chucks. After some prodding and prying, I determined that this was the easiest way to get it apart. Clamp the lower housing in a vise with the jaws pointed downward. If you are concerned with scratching or marring buy canada goose jacket cheap the outside of the chuck, use suitable protection. Look at the bottom to see what appears to be a shoulder with two flats on it. This is actually a shaft that will slide out. Use a small screwdriver to gently pry and remove the snap ring. CAUTION: if not properly contained, these snap rings can fly off to some unknown place, never to be found again. Cup your hand over the chuck as you’re removing the snap ring to keep from losing it, or losing an cheap canada goose uk eye. You are wearing safety glasses, right?

Once the snap ring is removed, you can slide the upper housing off of the chuck body. You’ll notice that there are two tabs inside the upper housing that fit inside some slots in the chuck body. While the jaws don’t have to go back in the same holes they were in, they do need to stay Canada Goose Parka in the same order. The easiest way to make sure the order doesn’t get mixed up canada goose black friday sale is to mark at least two holes of the chuck and two jaws. I used a spring loaded center punch, but you could use a scratch awl, nail, etc to mark the pieces. Unfortunately, the photo I took for this didn’t turn out so I’ll try to explain. Open the bench vise just wide enough so only the edges of the sleeve rest on the vise. With the jaws pointing downward, drive the chuck body out of the sleeve. NOTE: there are a bunch of little tiny ball bearings inside this sleeve. Use a suitable method of catching all of these tiny bearings. I used a magnetic parts tray under the vise to catch all the bearings that tried to escape.

Once the sleeve is removed and bearings contained, remove the split nut and slide the jaws Canada Goose Jackets out of their canada goose clearance sale bores. Clean as necessary. I used a combination of paper towels, pipe cleaners, an old toothbrush for the threads on the jaws, some 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper to remove some surface rust, and a small screwdriver to scrape away some thick grease. Slide the jaws back in their corresponding bores. Before cheap Canada Goose fitting the split nut, the jaws have to be timed. This is done by putting all jaws at the same height before installing the split nut. If they are not timed correctly, the uk canada goose jaws will not close all canada goose uk outlet the way. Test to see if they are timed correctly by holding both sides of the split nut and rotating the chuck body so the jaws close. If the jaws are all the same height, you have buy canada goose jacket them timed correctly. If one jaw is out canada goose coats on sale of time, it will be canada goose uk shop lower than the others. To Canada Goose Outlet fix this, just remove the half of split nut that is on that jaw and slide the jaw up until it is in time. Put the split nut piece back in canada goose factory sale place and test again. I achieved this by drilling a hole in a piece canada goose of wood that was larger than the nose of the chuck body, but smaller than the bearing sleeve. Use a bench canada goose coats vise to press the sleeve over the nose of the chuck and onto the split nut. Stop when the edge of the sleeve is at the bottom edge of the split nut. This is the channel that the bearings ride in.

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