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MethodsDataWe used the IMS Health LifeLink Health Plan Claims


October 2nd, 2013

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Late Friday, a person familiar with the investigation said it focused on the union’s finances and its involvement in the political campaigns of Mayor Kenney and state Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty, who is Dougherty’s brother. Nor had any member of his administration, she said. “We have no reason to believe the investigation is in any way related to Mayor Kenney,” Hitt said..

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pandora charms We focused on gastrointestinal bleeding because of earlier signals in pivotal clinical trials suggesting an increase in gastrointestinal bleeding with dabigatran relative to warfarin. Additionally, these novel agents have been approved only recently and assessing the efficacy of long term outcomes such as stroke without incurring adequate follow up would be premature.MethodsDataWe used the IMS Health LifeLink Health Plan Claims Database. This database contains commercial health plan information from managed care plans and other sources (such as Medicare and Medicaid) throughout the United States, and it is generally representative of the national, commercially insured population in terms of age and sex.16 The database contains claims files and enrollment files pandora charms.

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