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Loads and Loads of Characters: Since new characters are


September 24th, 2013

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Feralfront contains examples of: Aerith and Bob: Since there’s no naming rule, names are like this. Alternate Continuity: The books never happened, and barely resemble where the RP is now. Amazing Technicolor Wild Life: Played straight. There are no restrictions on what animal your character is, so you can have a pink cat with wings or a goat tiger with a scorpion tail. Anyone Can Die: People just love killing their characters off. Back from the Dead: A common trope; characters hardly stay dead for long. Cats Have Nine Lives: While the Extended game doesn’t follow this, the Traditional board does. Characters Dropping Like Flies: A lot of characters are killed merely out of boredom. Family Unfriendly Death: Characters often die in brutal ways. Family Unfriendly Violence: Gore is very, very common on the site. Generational Saga: The main games continue on even when other characters die, thus creating storylines that are always continuing. Loads and Loads of Characters: Since new characters are created every day, it’s impossible to count them. Reincarnation: Plenty of characters get reincarnated when they die. Some may regain the events from their past lives. Sliding Scale of Animal Cast: Level 2 for the main site, and Level 8 for a small subsection of boards. Humans and human objects are vaguely mentioned in the main boards, so they exist, but cannot be roleplayed. On the other hand, there are a small number of anime based and human based boards that exist on the site. Orphaned Series: Averted. The admins and staff are quite present and active. Trauma Conga Line: A favorite trope to be used on the site. Where the Hell Is Springfield?: Nobody really knows where all this takes place.

Celine Replica handbags Degrassi The Next Generation: Did an entire Celebrity Star arc about Kevin Smith coming to Degrassi to make his new film, “Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh?” The reason he appeared on the show was that Smith had a huge crush on the character Caitlin from Degrassi High (he got to be in scenes with the grown up Caitlin, played by the same actress). Unusually, the arc actually had long lasting effects after Smith’s last episode. Of course, Extras is itself known for including a different Celebrity Star each episode (so much so that the episodes are identified by which celebrity appears in them parodying themselves) so the whole sequence is almost certainly a deliberate self parody. Celine Replica handbags

Celine Cheap Dorothy Gale, a nurse from Kansas, is caught in a tornado while trying to visit her birth mother. She rides it out in a police car and finds herself in Oz, in Munja’kin territory. There’s a little trickle of blood, but that’s all. Boom, Headshot: Dorothy manages the impressive feat of landing a bullet between the eyes of her target without even holding the gun. She tricks East into pointing the pistol at herself and pulling the trigger. When the other witches examine East’s body, they wonder how someone carved a perfectly round hole into her forehead and wonder why anyone would do so. Mythology Gag: There’s a rainbow ornament in the Gales kitchen window, referencing Judy Garland’s famous solo “Somewhere over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz. Torture Is Ineffective: The Munja’kin water torture for Dorothy proves to be ineffective when the truth she tells doesn’t give them the answers that they want. Celine Cheap

Celine Replica Bags Beard of Sorrow: After weeks of being stuck on the U boat, the 1WO is pretty much the only one who still bothers to shave . Nicely foreshadowed, when the Captain advises Werner to save some pictures for when they return, as the whole crew of mostly young new recruits will have beards by then. Binocular Shot: Used for the looks through the periscope Celine Outlet. Blood from the Mouth: Happens to the Captain in the final moments of the film. In the novel, it is explained that he has shrapnel wounds through his back. Celine Replica Bags

replica celine bags Designed as an intense danmaku battle rather than a Puzzle Boss, using nastier patterns and summoning a double of herself as the fight goes on. Money Multiplier: The Coin Emblem multiples the value of the coins dropped by enemies, turning some of them from 10pix coins to 50pix coins. Money Spider: Killing monsters makes them drop pix, and sometimes treasures or food. Nintendo Hard: The early game especially, where Elise is incredibly fragile, you don’t have many equipment slots or choices for items to put in them, and you depend almost entirely on random food drops to recover hit points replica celine bags.

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