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It was there that the ’90s rise of mosh pits buckled into a


July 16th, 2013

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Designer Fake Bags I’m going to call this the “Woodstock 99” effect, named after the ill fated music event that turned into a riot when that idiot faced hate condom Fred Durst riled the crowd into a frenzy. It was there that the ’90s rise of mosh pits buckled into a heaping wreckage of rape reports and medical stretchers. All from a group of young idiots who simply here didn’t know how to mosh. And, yes, there is a right way to do that; the punk rock community has managed to keep mosh pits civil and fun since the ’70s. But, like bondage, it’s not something you throw just anyone into and dial up to 11 nor is it done out of hate or against someone’s will. Designer Fake Bags

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