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March 25th, 2013

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Magical MessiThe first point to make from the weekend is Messi, of course. This is yet again Messi’s league Replica Designer Handbags. He scored his 600th goal as a professional and over 1,000 since he first started playing football but nobody knows exactly how many. Answer: – Carbon dioxide < br> Question: – What is abundant in the human body? Ans: – Oxygen – Question: – Tomato is found in sauce. Answer: – Acetic Acid
Question : – Who is known as the creator of ‘Biology’?
Ans: – Aristotu – Question: – The fruit of which plant falls under the land Ans: – Peanut
Question: – Who provides a definite form to the cell? Answer: – Cell wall – Question: – What is the green color obtained by the leaves?? Ans: – Chloroplast
Question: – Where is the National Environment Engineering Institute situated? Ans: – In Nagpur — Question: – What is the ‘brown revolution’ related to? From the product of fertilizers – Question: – Which hormones are more active during childbirth in female animals Is received?
Ans: – oxytocin
Question: – Which state “egg basket of Asia India is known as the ‘?
Ans: – Andhra Pradesh – Question: – Where is “Indian veterinary research” located?
Ans: – Bareilly
Question: – What is ‘Red Revolution’ related to? Answer: – Mass production Answer: Question: – What is the most dangerous disease of chickens? Answer: – Ranikhet – Question: – What is the density of milk used by the help of which instrument? Ans: – Lactometer
Question: – In which state is the largest livestock found in India?
Ans: – Uttar Pradesh
Question: – Which of the following are Answer: – Randerer – Question: – Who is known as ‘The Cow of the Poor’?
Ans: – Goat
Question: – Milk What is the main identity of the cow? Answer: – Ayan is fully developed., The milk canal emerges. The milk canal is crispy.

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