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December 11th, 2012

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NEIGES, the timeless fragrance, unveils a new incarnation with EAU LGRE, a light version of the EAU DE TOILETTE suitable for even the hottest summer days. Its notes, which seem to have been extracted from the very heart of the white snowflakes, refresh the skin with a silky crystalline caress. Imbued with the contemporary feminine personality of NEIGES, the white blossom bouquet of EAU LGRE confers the elating sensation of a cool, fresh breeze.

Hermes Replica Meet our summer intern, 16-year-old Jaida Harrigan, a 12th Grade student at Elmore Stoutt High School majoring in business studies! In this picture Jaida is seen assisting our social media team and aims to focus on marketing when she goes to
Tourism education is very important to the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board and throughout the year we offer many different tourism education initiatives to expose students to the vast array of opportunities available to them in the tourism and hospitality
By working at the Tourist Board our interns are able to gain insight into the many components required to develop, market, and maintain the BVI tourism
Jaida, keep up the great work and enthusiasm! #TourismEducation #OneBVI #TourismIsEverybodysBusiness Hermes Replica

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