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April 5th, 2013

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Hair, Hair Removal and
? Anabolic Hydration Brush 35,00 ? Reconstruction Brush R $ 49,90
? Progressive From R $ 60,00
? Botox brush and brush $ 39.90
? Hydrat Brush Cut simpls R $ 45,00
? Botox reducer and treatment R $ 54,90
? Coloration Brush R $ 50,00
Indian Treatment, Nutrition, Crystal Brush, Detox, Coloring, Tinting, Reconstruction, Cauterization,
? Hair removal: hot wax or roll Armpits dug R $ 30,00
Half leg R $ 20,00
Legs, Arms, Buttocks, Tb has package of
? Capillary schedule: 04 treatments 04 Brushes (01x week). The whole month of hair treated and
Designer of eyebrows:..
Designer Simple $ 10.00
Designer with henna $ 10.00

? I accept card
? tel and sap: 964963146
Schedule your Depending on the location Attendance at.

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