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April 23rd, 2014

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Our society has changed

It is clear that Bouba, Papitou, Anicette or Nina, and all its unknown victims, send us a message a
Our society has changed

Yes, the time when all the adults of the neighborhood were our Tontons and Guaranteed warrants is over,

Yes the time or all the friends of dad and mom were Benevolent Tontons is over

Yes, the time we left our children under community supervision is over

Yes, the time when a child was the child of the neighborhood is
So it is high time for us to change too

Yes it is great that we watch our children closely

Yes it is high time that we teach our children who are their true Tontons and their real benefits

Yes, it is really high time that we teach our children that they must beware of everyone except their very parents. Yes, it is big time. Ps to teach our children safe practices and behaviors in the face of someone unknown and known in the absence of

Yes our world has changed and we must also change

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