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I was right in the middle of the overwhelm


February 4th, 2013

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Seismic twitches, landslide and finally rain ‘The next morning, the six messages that Gerard had written to Sandra had remained without His stress had reached his
He no longer had, should he know, that he reassured himself, that he scratched this episode of his
The strident sound of his stationary sets the exit of his
It was a cold duck in the small waiting room where the receptionist had installed, the time for her to learn about the presence and availability of miss Sandra
The plant posed in front of him posted colors that held more of the call for help than the
A thin layer of dust covered the coffee table whose latest magazine was more than one
Everything indicated that this waiting room did not receive a lot of visitors, which is normal for a company whose clientele consists only of large ones. As GĂ©rard heard steps approaching his throat was knotted and his heart was drumming in his… Wrist banged, the door creaked, and instead of Sandra, it was his manager who did his courtois as usual, Chef Mehdi introduced himself to the visitor before informing him that the complications presented by the pregnancy Miss Kacou had forced her doctor to resort to a tele-counseling activity involving many risks to her health, the social worker had requested and obtained from the General Management, that exceptionally, she could go to maternity leave at five months of
Every word of the young Maghreb boss.

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