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I resisting the urge to go wash it off I kind of curious to see


January 28th, 2018

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I always so behind most of my new favs are from previous years, decades or millennia but in 2011 I love the following enough to buy: Via del Profumo Sharif, AG Mon Parfum Cheri, the 40th anniversary perfumers edition of Aromatics Elixir, and Mary Greenwell Plum. Also considering PG Indochine. I might have bought MDCM Belle Helene if I didn already have AG Traversee du Bosphore to me, it the same idea: leather candied with pear instead of apple. I couldn make up my mind about Frapin 1697; I looking forward to trying the EdP version. I need a decant of Myrrhiad to make up my mind about it, given that La Myrrhe already exists.

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Replica Hermes (?) Granted, I haven had a perm since jr. high school but it a chemical smell you don forget. Now, about 3 hrs later, it has transformed into the very familiar (ahem) scent of hair the day after you had it colored.I resisting the urge to go wash it off I kind of curious to see what it changes to next!LOL! If I hadn been driving to work when the perm smell hit I think I would have jumped back in the shower! It has since faded to a very light (have to put my nose on my wrist) that comes with haircolor scent. Replica Hermes

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