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‘ I peeked in, and there it was


January 19th, 2018

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The nudity is clearly meant to draw attention, but the cover actually looks pretty cool and, as a mall photographer, specializing in glamour shots would say, tasteful. The book, aptly titled How to be a Bad Bitch, is due out in October. It’s a self help tome, but the cover evokes thoughts of pulp romance novels and Greek mythology references. Rash online petitions start pouring in soon after, demanding death penalty for the deemed perpetrator or callous demands that the principal of the school in question be physically accosted. Even alumnus and self appointed social observers join in this chorus and start online petitions demanding the school be shut down immediately or its affiliation to national examination boards be cancelled. In case of a recent incident in Kolkata, the state education minister had questioned the very need of having male teachers in a girls school..

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