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I Meant to Do That: What Pinkie claims with helping Twilight


December 6th, 2012

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Hidden Depths: Rainbow and Fluttershy make surprisingly effective fast food cooks. I Just Want to Be Normal: Keeping with Twilight’s character, she states that, while she’s there to help resolve any trading conflicts as part of her princess duties, she really just wishes to enjoy herself and trade like any other pony. She’s clearly uncomfortable when Pinkie hypes her status as princess in order to advertise the books she’s trading. I Meant to Do That: What Pinkie claims with helping Twilight realize the books are too valuable to sell.

Replica Hermes She also makes a point of reminding him that Alec Trevelyan’s death was not his fault. Likewise, Q and Bond share a chuckle during the exploding pen demonstration. Ax Crazy: Xenia Onatopp, who actually seems to, LITERALLY, get off on killing. Bad Boss: Colonel Ourumov has no qualms about executing his own men if they slip up, as seen during the standoff with Bond in the chemical plant. Then of course, there’s his later treachery. Bavarian Fire Drill: Played with when Ouromov steals the GoldenEye keys. Replica Hermes

Hermes Replica Bags They were offering 20% equity in two separate companies, and the Dragons naturally assumed this meant 20% of each company, only to discover that they were actually being offered 5% of an established company and 15% of a company that hadn’t even started trading yet (Even assuming these two turned out to be of equal value, that’s a total of 20% of 200%, meaning they’re really only offering 10%). The two women were initially incredulous that the Dragons would have any problem with this, and then when Theo attempted to explain why their 20% figure wasn’t valid they accused him of being sexist, sending Theo and Duncan (both of whom have women as over half their workforce) into a blind fury. Hermes Replica Bags

Replica Hermes Belt Book Ends: For the whole series. First Blood begins with Rambo walking along a lonely road to visit a friend. Rambo ends with him walking a road which will take him home. Broken Aesop: First Blood two hours illustrating and condemning the dehumanization of soldiers. The sequels two hours of gleeful carnage by a One Man Army. The Cavalry: Afghan rebels in the third movie, literally; Karen rebels in the fourth. Chekhov’s Gun: Oh, I’m sure that unexploded ordnance won’t be important later. Replica Hermes Belt

Hermes Belt Replica Since they are air units, Vampires excel against them. The Stinger: Beating the game on Legendary will play a voice clip of Serina waking up Captain Cutter from cryosleep and telling him that something has happened. Stop Poking Me!: Grunts will sometimes say “Yee! Tickles!” when they’re selected. Tactical Rock Paper Scissors: Infantry are cheap Zerg Rushers who can fielded by the dozens, but are wiped out by vehicles who are rarer, more powerful, and durable. Said vehicles are then weak to aircraft, who tend to be weaker but faster with a healthy range of firepower, and then those aircraft are trumped by the infantry. Hermes Belt Replica

Hermes Birkin Replica Blatant Lies: Most of what Oregon claims she has done. Josie accidentally drills through a patient’s cheek in her dentistry practical, the bit then comes off the drill when she tries to remove it, and then she finds the bit is stuck in the girl’s cheek. Josie assures her that everything’s totally fine. Book Ends: Howard using a hairdryer to air dry Peking ducks at the beginning of series 1, and to defrost a frozen Christmas turkey at the end. One episode opens with Vod frantically cleaning the living room in preparation for her mother’s arrival. It ends with everyone else cleaning up the living room after her mother smashes it up in a drunken fury. Boyish Short Hair: Vod throughout her entire stint at Manchester Medlock, a summation of her outrageously ladette personality. (Except when she dons some hair extensions in one episode, when she falls in love with Al the Handyman.) Brick Joke: Vod gets the idea to get Al the handyman to come back to the house by attempting to flush a pair of jeans down the toilet. At the end, Howard answers the door to a different handyman (as Oregon reported Al for the burglary offscreen) who was called out to remove said jeans from the toilet. Broken Pedestal: Averted. While staying in JP’s house, Vod finds a series of letters from JP’s father to a lover he Replica Hermes had. Knowing that it would result in this trope if JP found out, Vod burns the letters Hermes Birkin Replica.

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