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I know this is a tough situation for anyone to be in


January 19th, 2018

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How to Avoid Being Socially AwkwardFour Parts:Adjusting Your MindsetUsing Techniques to RelaxImproving Your Social SkillsHelp Overcoming AwkwardnessCommunity Q awkwardness comes from a sense of not appearing “normal” or “socially clued in” under the gaze of others. Generated by our own fears and worries of what others think of us and by social expectations, social awkwardness can prevent us from fully interacting with others out of fear of being ridiculed or even ostracized by our peers. Once you realize that everyone is afraid of being socially awkward and that there are ways to move on from awkward situations with grace and confidence, you’ll be on your way to embracing social interactions instead of dreading them.Realize that you’re not alone.

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