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January 30th, 2014

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Thisarrived i really wanted to ban her a moment, leave her little nest where you were pampered and be by your host family their goodbye was terrible but i had a mission from the beginning is never bankrupt just shoot the bad ball before my nascent everything was written in advance for me, I want the stupidity that was realize me but also I have generous people who have been able to give life to my heart Arriving on PACA, I hoped like everything everyone to earn a crust in the field I had chosen and he had the diploma to validate these skills knowing that the region had employment in his field, he was quite different; you will see for yourself by the Autist is spent to survive next to the Autist who was a Wild Veterinarian who just wanted to spend his practice in theory and ecological prinobel but your elected officials have decided everything else for the Children of the Dass, you come to the world like a leper in the eyes of the Why I always love animals because those who avoid me in your world of madness that no longer respects anything, no value, protects the weak, marginalizes has fallen victim, educated more these young people, sinking this is what is happening to humanity that with animals it was simple and wonderfully for those who really want to listen to it through the life of the there is something that is hard to manage for the autistic to sprinkle it is the invading paprace of our governments in our homes, it is for its in the future it is really urgent to create villages with disabilities to overcome who are I passed for my brother gluttony and anger the 2 leave behind the story while these victims they justice that has turned into a bouquet mistery to settle and quickly quash the case but now it is so much to talk for all these children Dass like me, who have everything to take away for free and who is asked if is wellwhile we do not stop to nicotine ourselves, few of us really reach the 50 years because our devouring suffering consumes us of the How did the first encounter between the Night Peafowl and the PaPillon des Champs (Bastian

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